What is Fertigation?

Fertigation is the process by which (i) nutrients are placed in water, and then (ii) distributed through an irrigation system.

Automatic Nutrient Formulation

Professional Irrigation Design

Your nutrient formula (recipe) can be automatically prepared and maintained through the use of an automated dosing system.  Individual nutrients are pumped by an intelligent controller, using accurate peristaltic pumps into your mix tank.  Within the mix tank are sensors that read and measure the contents of your mix tank.  When your formula is ready, your irrigation  system will pump out your exact quantity to your plants, at your desired pH and nutrient content (EC or TDS).

  • Daily plant feedings can be scheduled weeks in advance. 
  • Suitable for either one-time batches (Drain to Waste) or actively-managed recirculation systems.
  • Advanced Crop Protection: EC/pH alarms, high/low alerts, auto-irrigation shut-off due to improper pH or EC/TDS, etc.
Once your formula is made and ready, it needs to be distributed to your plants. How your fertigated water gets to your plants is critical.  For large, multi-room facilities, we recommend a professional layout prepared by an irrigation designer.

Our philosophy is simple: We believe in the movement of water based on conservation and economy, balanced with the tried-and-true methods and principles of design.

  • Intuitive approach to design.
  • Eliminate water waste through efficient design.
  • User-friendly design customized for operators and maintenance, based upon your specific irrigation needs.